Silverman: It’s High Time Nash Joins The Garden Party

CBS New York

By Steve Silverman
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If you think momentum is going to be a big factor in Game 7 between the Rangers and the Flyers, think again.

That game is over and even though the Flyers came through with a dominant effort and cruised to an easy 5-2 victory, that game will have nothing to do with the outcome Wednesday night.

The seventh game will likely be determined by how effectively the Rangers use their speed and quickness, and the performance of Henrik Lundqvist in the net.

If you go back to Game 5, the Rangers were faster and quicker from start to finish and won the large majority of the puck battles. The Flyers seemed disinterested for much of the afternoon.

In Game 6, the Flyers played with desperation, and that was a huge factor. They may not have won all the races, but they won a lot…

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